Morecambe Heritage has conducted many oral history interviews with people on their memories of Morecambe. These have been video recorded and edited into short films for your enjoyment. Scroll down to see our list of films.

We encourage all viewers to add a comment, particularly if the video sparks personal memories! ….Enjoy!

A Savage –
for one night only

On seeing screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages in Morecambe, 15 Year old Jo Whaite dreamt of becoming a Savage. In his 40s Jo arranged a local gig for Lord Sutch, and achieved his teenage ambition by playing with the band.

Fond memories of Mum,
Thora, Eric and Ruby

Roy recalls fond memories of his actress mother, her best friend Thora Hird, calling in at Eric Morecambe’s house, and how a lifelong admiration of Ruby Murray was topped by seeing her live at the Winter Gardens.

Wartime childhood memories-
Getting in for nothing!

Ted Jones had that boyish wartime spirit of adventure. The fact that he and his pals were playing football on the Army’s minefield didn’t bother Ted. If he could get in for nothing, why bother paying?… and Ted managed to get in most places for free!

Morecambe’s mechanical elephants

One of Morecambe’s unsung heros was Eric Smith, who along with his father invented the mechanical elephant, a children’s entertainment popular on Morecambe beach during the 1950s and 1960s.

BRIAN & GLORIA DUNSTAN recall the 1960’s local music scene & youth culture.

Two students from Lancaster Royal Grammar School interview Brian & Gloria Dunstan about their teen memories of watching the biggest bands and the youth culture in Morecambe during the 1960s

ALAN BENNETT’s memories of Morecambe

Writer Alan Bennett recalls fond  childhood memories of holidaying in Morecambe with his family.

Morecambe’s own variety star

Catherine Huddleston interviews Audrey about her time as a variety star in Morecambe and on tour.

Pete Nelson –
Sixty years an entertainer

Nat and Dan from Lancaster Royal Grammar school interview Pete Nelson. Pete, originally from Blackburn, tells a compelling and often amusing story of life as an entertainer from the age of seventeen over a sixty year span. Pete is still playing regularly today.

Morecambe Heritage
Entertainments exhibition

Brenda in ‘The Entertainer’

Brenda Ralph, describes her role as a child with the first speaking part in John Osborne’s film adaptation of ‘The Entertainer’

Pat Modley – Life as a Tiller Girl

Pat Modley was a dancer from a young age, and at 16 joined the famous ‘John Tiller Girls’ Enjoy her memories of that period, along with the many other interesting things she has done.

Ken Thompson in ‘The Entertainer’

Morecambe lad, Ken Thompson remembers the small parts he played during the making of the film ‘The Entertainer’, which was filmed in Morecambe 60 years ago.

PETER ROSS remember Morecambe’s live music scene

On hearing a live band at Pontins (Middleton Towers) holiday Camp in 1963, Peter Ross was hooked. ‘All my pocket money went on records from then on’ .Peter recalls happy memories of seeing some of the biggest bands around during the 1960s and into the 70s, who performed at the various Morecambe venues.

The O’Connor girls – Happy Memories of the Winter Gardens Fair Ground

For many years the O’Connor family ran more than half of the amusements on the Morecambe Winter Gardens Fair Ground. Here Shirley and Brenda, reminisce, with happy memories of the stalls, the rides the characters, and some of the amusing incidents. If you also have memories of the fair ground, we would love to hear your comments.

The Entertainer exhibition – promotional video